Thursday, April 16, 2009


1) What do you think of Levine's story and poem? How do they relate to the issues and texts we've been discussing in class? To your experiences? What does the poem tell us about "what work is"?

Levine's poem had an emotion i cant put my finger on. he expressed about a brother and wanting to show gratitude for his older brother working so hard but doesnt know how or if even to do so. i feel the older brother doesnt think the younger sibling truely understands what hard work can be like but misses the fact that he is greatful. the older brother maybe wants more apprecitation from his brother but doesnt think he's old enough to understand.

this poem tells us "work is" not only the job itself, but there is struggle even trying to find a job. he stands in the rain knowing there is a slim chance of walking out with the job. hard work can be sacrificing sleep or adjusting to when the hours are needed. sleeping through the day just to get some hours of work in when the whole town can be asleep.


  1. your so right about there being a feeling you cant put your finger on because I couldnt do it either. and your right a job plays on your emotions as well. Love the post:)