Thursday, April 16, 2009


1) What do you think of Levine's story and poem? How do they relate to the issues and texts we've been discussing in class? To your experiences? What does the poem tell us about "what work is"?

Levine's poem had an emotion i cant put my finger on. he expressed about a brother and wanting to show gratitude for his older brother working so hard but doesnt know how or if even to do so. i feel the older brother doesnt think the younger sibling truely understands what hard work can be like but misses the fact that he is greatful. the older brother maybe wants more apprecitation from his brother but doesnt think he's old enough to understand.

this poem tells us "work is" not only the job itself, but there is struggle even trying to find a job. he stands in the rain knowing there is a slim chance of walking out with the job. hard work can be sacrificing sleep or adjusting to when the hours are needed. sleeping through the day just to get some hours of work in when the whole town can be asleep.


2) Growing up, what did you notice about gender and work? In other words, did the men you grew up around do one kind of work, and the women another? Did you grow up with ideas about what kind of work men and women should do? Has gender shaped your own goals in terms of work?

Growing up my family had the tradional beliefs about the role of men and women in the house. Men were known to do the strenuous jobs of the house and have a high paying job to support most of the household. they would be able to fix anything in the house, have a job containing physical work. when i was younger, my uncle was one of the main men of the house and worked for a truck company for several years. he always came home all dirty and tired from loading and unloading the truck he would drive all day. sometimes we wouldnt see him much during the weekdays. the women of the house mostly had a low paying job with less hours to come home early to cook and clean. my mom and her sister would work at a local office, easy hours and decent pay. they would make sure they are home in time to pick us up from school, then go home and cook.

while the women would stay indoors most of the day i would be outside helping my uncle. my dad passed away at a young age, and my uncle was the closet to a father. i wanted to be just like him and grew up with the same interests. growing up i never want to be the stay at home mom who has to depend on a husband or a family member to help support me. i would rather be happy doing both having my own career greatly successful and taking care of my own..

Thursday, March 26, 2009


1) Many of the text we've read discuss the idea of status. Think about the communities you belong to - your family, groups of friends, neighborhoods, and/or ethnic communities. What gives someone status in each of these communities or groups? What do you think this suggests about the values of your community? Are they the same as yours? Do you aspire to status in your community - or to something else.

according to what i know from growing up in my family, status is based on the amount of money in your background . high class, middle class, or low class is always the first thing my friends, family, our society look towards. like it or not, financial status is the first thing people judge upon. when i was younger my older female cousins would date different guys and my family would judge on the financial status if they are good enough to support or are willing to satisfy my cousins. growing up and seeing these slight judgements i grew my own opinion to provide for myself. being independent is better than depending on a male to make it through life. most women in my family are very weak and i took that as a strength to do otherwise and do the opposite of what i was told. i would provide for my family just as my mother did when she was able to. she taught me never to depend on anyone else but yourself. status an average female in 2009 is more noticed than the 1990's. people realize now how much women change and can actually be a back bone to a families income.


1) If you currently have a job, describe a day in the life. What is your routine? What does your workplace look like? How would you describe the atmosphere? What changes would you make if you could?

I am currently working two jobs and going to school. Yes, i do work seven days a week and it does get really exausting but i have to do what i have to do. Monday through Saturday i work in a MRI office dealing with pretty much every aspect of the office, from billing insurance companies to scanning patients into our new computer system. when it turns about 6:00pm i go to the front desk and take any patients for that night. from six to about 9:30pm i do any work necessary to make sure everything is prepaired for the next morning. about 9:30pm i close the office, set the alarm, and lock up the place. the office is located in kew gardens which is open from 9am to 9pm monday through friday, and on saturdays i stay in the morning till i go to my next job in long island.
my other job is working at a catering hall which i absolutly love because i can make the same amount on a saturday and sunday compared to the monday through friday at the office. which is another plus to working at my catering hall all my friends work there and we all have fun and doesnt make work so stressful. at the catering hall called Leonards of Great Neck, i work as a bridal attendent, which is a higher possition than most waitors because we are the face of the house and deal with the clients.
the one thing i would change about both jobs is better pay. if i had a better pay i wouldnt have to work at both places and be able to go to school full time again. working seven days a week and school can put alot of stress on a person. the one thing that keeps me going is my mother needing my help and supporting her and my cousin she took in.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


very very excited! spring break is closer than we all think..some may stay local and enjoy friends and my case im going to have family and friends all in one in another country...all the hard earned money can finally be well spent on my spring break closest cousins and my best friend..four females who looking to have fun and enjoy a time off from new yorks everyday life..we deserve it and many will be clothes credit cards need to be opened...let lose and enjoy our college life and the fact that my 21st birthday is coming soon!! but its ok 18 years old is the legal age in Punta Cana, DR here we come...

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